Bruno Jeanbart

Deputy Chief Executive, Opinion Way

Bruno Jeanbart is the deputy managing director at OpinionWay and he is in charge of the political research.

He graduated from Science Po and has a masters in sociology from the University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. He started his career at IFOP conducting research. He then became director and later on deputy managing director of the political studies at OpinionWay. He developed the study of online opinion and made OpinionWay a pioneer institut on the subject.

He also publishes a number of articles such as: The vote of managers and professionals (2002) ; The Common Agricultural Policy for the Europeans (the european opinion in 2003) ; The debate on the constitutional treaty in Europe (Foreign Politic, 2005) ; From Maastricht to Brussels : evolution of the sociology of the vote (Parliament and Political Review, 2005) ; New practices, new influences ? (The Numerical Opinion, 2006).

Title (Spanish): 
Subdirector Ejecutivo, Opinion Way
Title (French): 
Directeur Général Adjoint, Opinion Way