Necati Özkan

President, OYKU Dialogue International

Necati Ozkan is the founder and president of Oyku Dialogue International a creative agency in Istanbul. He graduated from Military College, studied law at the Ankara University and marketing MBM at Middle East Technical University.

He started his career as a political consultant in 1983, during general elections. He has served as a political consultant and as a campaign manager. He concentrated in developing the communication strategy, organizing the campaign task forces and understanding voters. He has also worked for several politicians and mayors and, managed political campaigns in Turkey and North Cyprus. He won more then 40 national and international awards including 11 Pollies, 7 Reeds and 2 Adrian Awards with his work.

Mr. Ozkan has published numerous articles about political marketing and books, titled "Election Winner Campaigns", that analyzes the successful political campaigns of Turkey and titled “Leadership Secrets of Obama”, that analyzes lessons of 2008 US Presidential campaigns. He has published EAPC’s “Election Time 04 and Election Time 05” as editor of Turkish version.

He is a member of IAA, IAPC and EAPC.

Title (Spanish): 
Presidente, OYKU Dialogue International
Title (French): 
Président, OYKU Dialogue International