Jose Luis Sanchis

Partner, Médiatique International

Jose is a partner in Médiatique International with Marc Bousquet.

He has a degree in Business Administration and Law. He founded Sanchis Comunicación, specialised Consultancy in Campaigning and P.A. In 1997 he founded Sanchis Comunicación – Hispacom with offices in Spain, Portugal and 12 countries throughout South America. Jose is a Former President of IAPC and member of EAPC.

José Luis has developed a vast career as a political consultant and crisis adviser, assisting in more than 100 key election campaigns in many countries, including 18 Presidential or Prime Minister elections in Latin America and 12 in Europe acting as main adviser.

He has assisted Government and Republic Presidents and Governors. He has written several books on Political Consultancy as “Cómo se gana el poder” (How to win the power), “Elecciones. Manual del Candidato“ (Elections. Candidate’s handbook) and “Maquiavelo y Borgia”.

Title (Spanish): 
Socio, Médiatique International
Title (French): 
Associé, Médiatique International