French Election Tour 2016

A VIP Tour of the French Presidential Election

For International Political Professionals

Paris | 22 - 24 April 2017


What to Expect


April 22

Welcome to Paris Election Eve Reception


April 23

Visit Polling Locations & Attend Our Election Night Party!


April 24

Insider briefings & the gala dinner


April 25

Post Trip to Normandy Begins!

See the Agenda

Invited Speakers

French Senator
Toni Cowan-Brown
Vice President, NationBuilder
Councilor for Communication, Congo embassy in Paris
Founder, Niccola M Group
President, Institute for European Perspective and Security
Deputy Chief Executive, Opinion Way
President, Prosper Group
President, Buzzmaker
Eric Schnurer
President, Public Works, LLC
President, Mediatique International
Co-founder, Liegey Muller Pons
Deputy Digital Director, Alain Juppé campaign
Partner, Médiatique International
President, OYKU Dialogue International
Former Prime Minister of Mali
Director of Political Studies, Elabe
Special Assistant, Médiatique International
Vice-President, Prosper Group
Communications Specialist, President Duda
Professor at Science Po and the Institute Lecanuet
Journalist, Author, Political Analyst, and Editorialist
CEO, ZENON Public Affairs
CEO, Shigan Communications and BPT Advisors Affiliate
Editor in Chief, Lettre de l’Expansion
Regional Conselor
Editor in Chief, Valeurs Actuelles
Secretary General, Association of European Journalist
Digital Champion of France
CEO, Huygue Infostrategie
journalist, France Inter Radio
Former Editor in Chief, RFO
CEO, Image and Stratégie
Author and Journalist
Digital Expert, previously MODEM now Les Centristes
CEO, Jin Communications Company
Director of Cabinet, Marine Le Pen
CEO, Via Voice
Communications Director, Jean-Luc Mélenchon campaign